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Available Dogs

Below are our available adoptable dogs. We'll keep this section updated with new dogs every month!

The adoption application is below the dog listing.





So, You Would Like to Adopt One of Our Dogs?

Great! Here is what you need to know...please read carefully!

First of all, before proceeding to the application, there are two urgent questions to answer:

  1. Does your residence contain a balcony on a second-floor or above? If so, we regretfully cannot approve an adoption - no exceptions.
  2. Does your yard contain an electric fence? We cannot approve an adoption in this situation either; again, no exceptions (proper Positive Reinforcement Training is recommended instead; we are happy to advise if needed).

Please understand: the above policies have been implemented for the safety of the dogs.

So now, if you have answered “no” to both questions above, here are the rest of our requirements and procedures:

  • You must reside within 25 miles of Chicagoland area. You must be willing to travel in order to meet the dog; we do not “deliver” or “ship” any of our dogs.
  • You must be at least 21 years of age; the person adopting the dog MUST fill out the application completely.
  • You must present a valid ID with a current address.
  • If renting (home, condo, apartment, townhome, etc.), you must present a document, signed by the landlord, to prove permission to own an animal. Specifics such as breed restrictions, weight limits, etc. need to be indicated as well.
  • You must agree to never use an electric shock collar on the dog - no exceptions.
  • You need to complete an Adoption Application in its entirety; preferably before meeting the dog.
  • Talk with Adoption Counselor / Foster Parent about your lifestyle, time for training, energy level of dog you wish to adopt, any medical concerns, plan to acclimate new dog to kids, other dogs and cats, expenses you understand that will accompany a new dog.
  • After meeting with Foster Volunteer and dog, inform us of your request to continue adoption process, after discussing with all household members. If you are chosen to proceed, we will then contact landlord, veterinarian, personal references (people not related to you). Please contact all of the afore-mentioned persons so they are expecting our calls.
  • Proof must be provided that animals already in your home are up to date on shots / vaccinations / immunizations, and are spayed / neutered.
  • Certain instances of adoption will require a background check; for example, those breeds considered “bully”. There will be an added cost to secure this from the company.
  • A Home Visit is the final procedure and must be conducted to ensure a happy, safe environment for the dog. The dog you are applying for to adopt will not be taken to this visit. This is the final look before a decision is made (again: no second-floor or higher balconies, nor yards containing an electric fence, are permitted).

IMPORTANT: please do not assume approval, nor tell children (if this applies) the dog has been picked to adopt, until all procedures have been met and agreed upon, AND after all requirements have been met favorably. Only after this is done will you receive official notification from us, by phone. The adoption will generally be set up to take place at the next show.

Then, you will set a time during show hours to meet with Adoption Coordinator to go over Adoption Contract, medical records, training requirements, and micro-chip needs. If the dog is too young for the COVERED spay/ neuter or rabies vaccine, it will be NOTED ON THE BACK PAGE OF THE CONTRACT and is to be carried out by age of 6 months.

When taking your adopted dog to the vet for these procedures, you MUST use the name that Foster2Home gave to the dog, in order for our records to match. No other vaccines, e-collars or procedures will be the responsibility of this rescue after the date of adoption, as stated on the first page of the contract.

Per the contract, you will be required to follow up with puppy manners training as required for dogs of less than one year old.

Some other important information to note when applying to adopt a dog from Foster2Home:

There are usually multiple applications for each of our dogs. The decision is never based on first-come, first-served; it is based solely on what we determine to be the best match between adopter and dog. We take whatever time we deem necessary in which to accomplish this. Thus, we ask for your patience; IF you are chosen to move forward in the process, you will be contacted at that time. If you are not chosen, we cannot send regret-letters; you may certainly contact us to find out if there is another dog better suited to your needs (please remember that there are always more dogs available, looking for a loving forever home).

We ask you also to keep in mind: we are an all-volunteer team of people, giving of our spare time to mold and prepare each rescued dog for a successful placement after being fostered in our own homes. We will help you to choose a dog to suit your lifestyle, based on your completed application and initial meeting with you / family / other pets already present in the home. We strive for a successful and safe placement for all our foster-dogs. We want to ensure they are never homeless again; thus it is imperative to determine to the best of our ability the most optimal fit between adopter and dog.

Adoption Fees are CASH ONLY. No Checks.

FEES: Include all vaccinations UP TO DATE OF ADOPTION. Spay/Neuter, rabies vaccine only, no tag, and micro- chip will be enclosed for our network of doctors to insert. This is done to eliminate any question that the dog was indeed chipped properly. IT IS THE NEW OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY TO REGISTER THE TAG NUMBER, FORMS AND INSTRUCTIONS ARE IN YOUR ADOPTION PACKET. We disclose all known medical needs and procedures to the best of our knowledge, all dogs are adopted out AS IS, no after costs will be covered by the rescue, with the exception of the before mention procedures. These will be noted on the contract, and will be covered by Foster 2 home at one of our network vets. We will not cover charges if one of our vets is not used. A contact number of our vet closest to you, with address, will be given to you on adoption day, to set this up when the puppy is of age. Please contact with 3 dates you prefer to take the dog in for surgery. A fax to Dr. and an email to you will be sent to confirm times and locations. Cost to Adopt is determined by the age of the dog.


  • Puppy to 3 Years of age: $400.00
    • PLEASE NOTE: Puppies under 1 year of age require someone to be home to properly train.

  • 3 Years to 8 Years of age: $350.00
  • 8 Years and older: $175.00
  • Senior dog for a Senior Program: $125.00 (Must be 62+ with a Senior Dog (7 years +))
  • Foster 2 Adopt Program: $200.00 deposit

* Specialty breeds are subject to a higher adoption fee
* Fees are subject to change

Puppies under the age of 2 years of age must attend a puppy train class. Speak with Adoption Coordinator for details.

The best way to contact us is by the e-mail link in the contact tab. As we are all volunteers we do our best to contact you as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated.

PROCESS: Fill out application, Meet the Fur Baby, References are checked, Home Visit Scheduled, Adoption Day

Please understand this is for the dog’s best interest. We strive to never find them homeless again. For this reason the extra steps will ensure a better choice for your new family member. You can also download the adoption form and or mail to Foster 2 Home, Inc. P.O. Box 1581, Arlington Heights, IL 60008, although this is much slower.

Online Adoption Application (please fill in all fields)


Dog's Name: *
Adopter Address: *
City: *
State: *
Zip: *
Adopter Name: *
E-mail: *
Daytime Phone: *
Evening Phone: *
Best time to call: *


Housing Type: *  
How long at your current address? *
Do you rent or own? * Rent Own
If renting: Landlord Name:
Landlord Phone:
List all names AND ages of people living with the dog: *
Occupation(s): *
List Employers: *
Work Hours:


Does anyone in your family have any known allergies to animals? * Yes No
If YES, please list all allergies
If you have children, are you willing to accept the additional responsibility of a dog and possibly bring in a trainer? Yes No Not Applicable
Please explain how you plan to teach the children the proper way to handle and respect a live animal.
Does everyone in the family want a dog? What members are enthusiastic? What members are unenthusiastic? Please elaborate. *
Have you and your family discussed whether your lifestyle is such that you HAVE the time and money to properly care for a dog? Please explain. *
Have you and your family discussed the pro's and con's of owning a pet? Please elaborate. *
Please use this space to explain how and why a pet will fit in to your family and lifestyle. (Feel free to include any further information you feel will help us in evaluating your application.) *


Describe your "ideal" dog: *
What other breeds have you considered? *
Breed Preference? Sex & Age? *
Why would you like this dog? *
Will this be your first dog? * Yes No
Do you have any BREED SPECIFIC laws where you live? * Yes No
Please list any breed literature you have read*
What have you learned or found surprising about the breed?*


Do you fully understand and accept the fact that a dog must never be allowed off leash unless within a fully fenced, secure area, and then never left unattended? * Yes No
Do you also understand that no amount of training can ever ensure a dog can safely be off leash or unconfined, and that not strictly adhering to this restriction will place your pet at risk of serious injury or even death? * Yes No
What steps will you take to ensure your pet never gets lost? Please elaborate. *
What would you do if your dog(s) got away and became lost? Please elaborate. *
Do you have a pool or live on a lake? * Yes No
Does a fence secure the pool area or lake front? * Yes No Not Applicable
Do you have a fenced yard? * Yes No
If YES, how high is the fence?
If NO, how do you plan to contain your dog to your property?*
Have you checked the yard for dangerous articles, plants, or anything the dog could use to climb or go under the fence? * Yes No Not Applicable
Have you owned other dogs before? List Breeds. *
LIST OTHER PETS YOU CURRENTLY OWN : (please include breed, age, sex, and WHETHER THEY ARE ALTERED): *
Do any of your current pets have characteristics Foster 2 Home should be aware of (submissive, dominant, very playful, lethargic, food aggressive, shy, etc.)? *
Have your current dogs been tested for heartworm, and are they on preventative? * Yes No Not Applicable
What type of flea protection do you plan to use? *
If you have other animals, are you prepared to spend the appropriate amount of time required to ensure a sucsessful meeting and the new dog to each other? * Yes No Not Applicable
Is someone home during the day? * Yes No
Where will the dog be kept during the day? *
Where will the dog be kept during the night? *
Who will be the primary caretaker of this dog? *
What will you do to ensure small children will NOT open a door or gate allowing the dog to escape? *
Are you aware that some breed are willful animals, and must be confined within a fenced area (or on a leash) to prevent them from exercising their powerful instinct to explore? Yes No
Please describe your exercise plan for your pet: *
Are you aware the yearly maintenance of a dog is approximately $1000? * Is income sufficient to cover unexpected injuries or illness? Yes No
Are you aware your pet should be groomed/brushed at least once a week? * Yes No
Are you financially able to provide emergency medical care for your dog if the need were to arise? * Yes No
Please describe plans for care of your dog while away (i.e., vacation, business travel, etc.) *
Are you willing to obtain a crate and crate-train your dog? If no, why not? *
Are you willing to take your dog to a basic obedience course? If no, why not? *
What amount of time and effort do you expect to devote to training the new dog? *
Do you have the time to house train a dog, if necessary? * Yes No
Describe your house-training method. *
What would you do if your dog bit somebody? Please describe. *
What would you consider unacceptable canine behavior(s) which would cause you to give your dog up? *
What is your definition of disciplining a dog? Please explain: *
Are you willing to have a Foster 2 Home representative visit your home by appointment? * Yes No
Have you and your family considered that a pet generally lives to be 10 to 14 years old? Are you willing to accept that commitment? Please explain. *
Do you understand that dogs must always be MONITORED when interacting with children, with adults, and with other pets, no matter how nice the dog? * Yes No
Do you understand that no matter how much these dogs are evaluated by their foster families, they usually come with "baggage" we don't know about, and that the transition may take weeks or even months? * Yes No

VETERINARIAN INFORMATION: Please call your Vet's Office and give permission pertaining to previous dogs.

Dr. Name: *
Address: *
Office Phone: *

REFERENCES: (please provide the names, addresses, and phone numbers for two people who are not relatives and do not reside in your household) *

Name: *
Address: *
Phone: *
Name: *
Address: *
Phone: *

Thank you for your cooperation. This comprehensive questionnaire helps us in placing the right dog with the right family. An improper placement, or one in which all the details are NOT known, can end tragically – usually for the dog. Thanks again, and we look forward to meeting you in the near future.

How did you hear of Foster 2 Home?
I We certify the information contained in this application is true and correct.
Your Name (Digital Signature): *
Date: *
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PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse or deny any application.

Keep this Foster Application ID with you when you visit Foster2Home: